Treatments and prices


Abhyanga massage 60min


Ayurvedic massage composed of large enveloping movements. The sequences of this massage are influenced by the 108 marma points in the body, each corresponding to an organ or nervous system.

Advanced pedicure

$ 55-75

Diabetic-Corns-Ingrown nails

Aromatherapy massage 60/90min

85$ / 115$

The soothing essential oils act on the nervous system and relieve sore muscles.

Aromatic body rituals

Aromatic exfoliation and body wrap: $145

With massage 30/60 min – $185/215


Hot water for a relaxing bath soothes tired muscles. It stimulates blood flow, which accelerates the diffusion of therapeutic substances added to the bath.

Aromessence: Essential oil concentrate $25
Oligomer: Re-energizing sea water $25


BBL BBL is a light beam producing different wavelengths that are selected by the technician to achieve a greater variety of targets, thus correcting irregularities of the skin. This technology leaves the surrounding tissue intact and helps your kin to heal at a faster rate than if the entire surface was treated at once. This […]

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Beauté – Éclair


Spa manicure
Duration: 3 hrs.

Chair massage 30 min.


Fully clothed you will be comfortably seated in an ergonomic chair. This massage helps to reduce stress and restores energy.

Deep tissue massage 60/90 min

85$ / 115$

Deep massage of the muscles, connective tissue, fascia or other areas of the body that require relief.

Duo massage 60/90 min

150$ / 210$

Experience well-being together. Lying side by side, you will simultaneously receive a Swedish massage.


This is a permanent hair removal technique of transmitting electrical power to the hair bulb, which creates a clotting and causes loss of hair at the root.

5 min : $12
15 min : $22
30 min : $37
45 min : $52
60 min : $67
90 min : $95



Salt crystal scrub: Luminous, moisturized and relaxed skin: $70
Bio maple syrup: Antioxidant: $75
Rising sun: Self tanner for a natural glow: $85

Eyelash or eyebrow tinting


Application of dye to highlight pale eyelashes or eyebrows.

Herbal Thai massage * 75min


Practiced with oil and pouches filled with dried herbs, heated with steam. Relieves muscle and joint stiffness. The effect of well-being is enhanced by the smell of their perfume.

Massage aux balles de sel Himalayien

Himalayan salt massage


Promotes deep muscle relaxation, improves sleep, well-being and more!
Duration : 60 min.

Hot Stone massage 60/90 min

95$ / 125$

Release muscle tension with the heat of volcanic stones.

Indian head and scalp massage 30/60min

45$ / 75$

Head, neck and shoulders are massaged in order to balance the chakras. The goal is to unlock these channels negative energy that cause diseases such as stress, headaches and other pain.

Journée Aqua Spa


Body exfoliation or body wrap
Relaxing massage
Spa pedicure
Spa manicure
Duration: 6hrs


Speed ​​and efficiency for permanent medical hair removal.

Discover the benefits of permanent hair removal with the new Light Sheer Duet.
Known worldwide as “the benchmark for permanent hair removal”,  the LightSheer Duet offers a painless, faster, more effective treatment to remove unwanted hair.

Book your free consultation with one of our technicians.

Face: $139
Upper lip: $39
Chin: $39
Upper lip and chin: $89
Neck or nape: $89
Sideburns: $39
Full arms: $129
Forearm: $99
Underarms: $39
Full leg (incl.bikini): $325
Thighs(incl.bikini): $195
Half leg: $150
Regular bikini: $99
Brazilian bikini: $129
Full bikini: $159
Lower back: $90
Areolas: $39

Laser (Men)

Full arms: $159
Forearms: $119
Full back or chest $295
Half back: $169

Laser packages

Underarms and regular bikini: $129
Underarms and Brazilian bikini: $159
Underarms and full bikini: $189
Underarms, regular bikini and half leg: $269
Underarms, full leg and regular bikini: $375
Underarms, full leg and Brazilian bikini: $395
Underarms, full leg and full bikini: $425
Half leg and regular bikini: 229$

Lomi-Lomi massage 60/90 min

80$ /110$

A Hawaiian tradition: it helps to restore physical and mental health as well as relieve muscle tension. These relaxing maneuvers are performed with the hands and forearms.

Lymphatic drainage 60/90 min

80$ / 110$

It accelerates the lymphatic circulation, helps remove toxins, strengthens the immune system and acts as an anti-stress.


Let our experts beautify your hands with treatments designed for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Manicure $23
Manicure with paraffin $40
Hot stone manicure $40
Spa manicure $40
Delicious manicure $36
Signature manicure $45
Royal Aqua Spa manicure $55
French application supp. of $5
Polish change $15
Paraffin treatment $20

Massage Bamboo

80$ / 110$

Practiced with bamboo sticks. Activates blood circulation, drains toxins in tissues and relaxes the body.


It is a micro-mechanical exfoliation that removes the superficial layers of the skin while treating various skin imperfections. With a large abrasive power, it triggers a process of cell renewal and improves the tone and elasticity of the skin.

  • St-peel microdermabrasion $105
  • Diamond tip microdermabrasion $125
  • Dermal Infusion microdermabrasion $150*
  • Collagen mask( Supp. of $35 )

*Includes a choice of serums: Vitamin C, Brightening, Hyaluronic acid

MISENCIL® Eyelash extensions

The latest trend. Have eyelashes like the stars.

The procedure is non-invasive and painless. It consists of isolating natural lashes in order to stick prosthesis. Choose a natural or glamorous look with your technician.

Classic Set: $150
Hybride Set: $200
Russian Volum: $325

Classic Refill:
$55  two weeks
$65  three weeks
$75  four weeks

Hybride Refill: $60/70
Russian Volum Refill: $70/80

Oriental relaxation ritual

*Marrakech black soap scrub† $95
*Argan splinter scrub $95
*Rhassoul wrap $95
*Argan oil massage 60min $95
*Moroccan Hamman With Argan oil massage 30/60min $140/175
Marrakech black soap scrub† or Rhassoul wrap

*Ritual Relaxation Charme d’Orient $175* With Argan oil massage 30/60 min $215/250
Marrakech black soap scrub† and Rhassoul wrap

*Hammam included

Kessa glove included ($20 value)

Passeport – Détente


Body exfoliation or body wrap
Relaxing massage or facial
Spa pedicure
Spa manicure
Duration: 5hrs

Pause Beauté – Santé


Aromatherapy bath
Relaxing massage
Paraffin treatment for the hands
Duration: 3hrs


Let our experts beautify your feet with treatments designed for your relaxation and enjoyment.
Pedicure $48
Delicious pedicure $55
Pedicure with paraffin $65
Hot stone pedicure $60
Spa pedicure $65
Signature pedicure $70
Royal Aqua Spa pedicure $80
Change of polish $15
Paraffin treatment $20
French application extra $5


Prenatal massage 60/90 min

78$ / 108$

This is a therapeutic massage that focuses on the specific needs of the expectant mother.

Reflexology 60/90 min

75$ / 105$

Exerting sustained pressure on specific points of the feet, hands and ears (reflex zones) which correspond to all body parts, we restore the balance of vital energy in the body.

Reiki Massage

80$ / 110$

Reiki Massage

Mauris tincidunt turpis vel neque sodales nec egestas nunc rutrum. Praesent varius, magna ac dapibus auctor, leo mauris pulvinar erat, et dictum libero neque hendrerit odio

Royal Aqua Spa massage 90 min


A luxurious introduction to specialty massages. With your choice of essential oil aroma, receive a hot stone massage, reflexology, Indian head massage and paraffin treatment for the feet.
A warm experience of pampering from head to toe!

Shellac™ manucure

Shellac™ manucure :$45

Shellac™ pedicure

Shellac™ pedicure : $65

Signature massage 90min


Swedish massage 60/90 min

75$ / 105$

The classic! Long, fluid movements help relax your aching muscles.

Thai Yoga massage *

85$ / 120$

A fusion of therapeutic massage and stretching movements of yoga.

UV Gel / Resin

Full set: $60
Refill: $45
Full set on natural nails: $50
Removal: $25
French application: (supp. of) $5


Eyebrow : $13
Eyebrow shaping : $18
Eyebrow threading : $18
Upper lip or chin threading : $10
Upper lip or chin : $10
Underarm : $13
Forearm : $15
Full arm : $23
Bikini : $15
Brazilian bikini : $20
Full bikini : $26
Half leg : $22
Thigh and bikini : $28
Thigh and brazilian bikini : $33
Thigh and full bikini : $43
Full leg and bikini : $38
Full leg and brazilian : $43
Full leg and full bikini : $53
Back or chest : $35

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